Front office updates


The Ottawa Senators have hired Rob Cookson as an assistant coach. Rob will be in the press box watching the defensive side of things and relaying information down to Marc Crawford.

Ottawa Sun

Pierre Groulx named the new Ottawa Senators goaltending coach. Groulx began he’s career with the Senators as their video coach, before going to the Florida Panthers in 2005 (where he worked with current Senator goaltender Craig Anderson.) He then went on to work with the Montreal Canadiens in 2009 for four seasons.

Senators official site

Kristopher Young has been named the new video coach. “As video coach, he was responsible for analytical research coordination pertaining to the Bulldogs while assisting with the pre-scout of their opponents.”

Former video coach Tim Pattyson has been asigned to another position that will see him oversee analytical and statistical research.

Senators official site

All of the new hires have worked with either Guy Boucher or Marc Crawford at some point in their careers.


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